Experience the Best of WhatsApp Automation

Our automation solutions range from personalized chatbots that can handle common customer queries to scheduled messages that can help businesses save time and effort. Handle repetitive tasks and communication to Save valuable time and resources for more important tasks.

Pre-Defined Replies for FAQs

Provide quick and accurate answers to common questions (FAQs) asked by customers using custom replies. It can help your customers with consistent and accurate information even when your support team is not there to respond. Handle a large volume of customer inquiries to scale your support operations.

Welcome Messages

Send automated and customized welcome messages to provide a consistent and personalized greeting to every customer. Create a positive first impression and set the tone for successful customer interaction. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated. It’s easy to configure and set up on Cunnekt.

Out-of-office Notification

Send out-of-office notifications to a customer or client when the business is closed or the support team is unable to respond immediately. Set OOO notifications and provide the customer with an estimated time when you will be able to respond.

Delayed Response Messages

Send automated delayed response messages to customers to inform them about possible delays in taking up and resolving customer queries due to high chat volumes and long queues. Configure auto-replies when you are delayed in responding to customer messages.

Looking for a Chatbot?

Transform the way you engage with customers with our chatbot solutions. From lead generation to customer support, our customizable chatbots help businesses of all sizes to streamline communication and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Automate customer interactions
  • Provide quick responses to queries
  • Enhance the overall customer experience
  • Provide instant round-the-clock support



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