Improve Your Business Operations with WhatsApp Integrations

By integrating WhatsApp with your technology stack, you can easily improve customer communication and team collaboration, automate workflows, and provide better customer service.


With WhatsApp and WooCommerce integration, you can reduce abandoned carts, automate notifications for your store, bulk broadcast marketing campaigns, and collaborate with support agents for enhanced customer service.


A simple Whatsapp integration with tally will help you to reach your customers instantly via WhatsApp and let you send messages for Sales Invoices / Receipts / Payments and outstanding reminders via our tally integration modules.


By integrating WhatsApp with Shopify, businesses can send targeted promotions and offers to customers directly on WhatsApp. streamline customer support by enabling agents to manage customer inquiries, complaints, and requests via a centralized platform.

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Integrating WhatsApp with Magento can help you improve your customer communication, boost sales, and enhance overall business operations. Send targeted promotions and offers to customers directly and manage customer inquiries, and complaints, through Cunnekt.


With Zoho - WhatsApp integration, you can easily centralize and manage all business communications with your prospects on WhatsApp. The integration can help you improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Facebook Ads

With this integration, you can create and run ads on Facebook with a call-to-action button. When a user clicks on the button, they are taken directly to a WhatsApp conversation with the business. Make it easier for customers to contact your business and make purchases.

One Platform, Multiple Use Cases

Cunnekt lets you send campaigns, time-sensitive alerts, real time notifications
and much more to keep your customers engaged.

Abandoned Carts Notifications

Send automated reminders for abandoned carts on WhatsApp. Recover lost sales by sending push notifications reminding them of the items they left behind.

Discounts and Offers

Send personalized and timely alerts to tell your customers about new offers, discounts, and coupon codes via WhatsApp. Improve conversion by 3x and increase sales.

Event reminders

Hosting an event! Use WhatsApp to send reminders and updates about event details and schedules to customers who have registered for the event.

Order updates

After a customer has placed an order, send notifications when the order is being processed, when it is shipped, and when it is delivered.

Confirm COD Orders

Reconfirm COD orders by requesting confirmation from the customer via WhatsApp. Authenticate COD orders twice to avoid fake orders.

Back-in-stock alerts

Stay your customers updated about the availability of products they want to purchase by sending them set-up back-in-stock alerts on WhatsApp.


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