Frequently Asked Questions

Cunnekt Plans

  1. How do I get started with Cunnekt?

    Cunnekt offers three major plans to Businesses, namely:

    • Starters Plan
    • Plus Plan
    • Pro Plan

    You can check the feature list on pricing page. We also provide customized plan for Enterprises with high volume of customers.

  2. Why should you  prefer Cunnekt’s Plus plan over Starters plan?

    Cunnekt’s Plus Plan offers the following features in addition to the basic functionalities offered by its Starter plan:

    • Multiple Agent Assignment Workflows for new users chats
    • Noting and putting reminders on your Customer Chats for future reference
    • Labeling of Chat Conversations
    • Issuing Custom Agent Permissions
    • Adding innumerable Attributes to existing contact records & more

    Know more about such features on our pricing page.

  3. Why should you prefer Cunnekt’s Pro Plan over its Plus and Starters?

    Businesses prefer Pro Plan over the other two, as the conversation charges are the lowest in Cunnekt’s Pro plan. Also, it is inclusive of the most advanced Business API solutions offered on Cunnekt along with the features offered by the Plus Plan. Refer to our pricing page to learn about the additional features of Cunnekt’s Pro Plan.

  4. Who should opt for the Starter plan at Cunnekt?

    Cunnekt’s Starter Plan is most suited for Businesses of smaller size and with limited means. Starter Plan can fulfill the requirements of such micro-businesses to a large extent.

  5. What does Cunnekt offer with each of its plan subscriptions? 

    Cunnekt offers the following services with each of its subscription plans:

    • Free Whatsapp Business API channel integration 
    • Free 1000 Service Conversations per month
    • 12-Hour Turnaround Time (TAT)
  6. Can you upgrade/downgrade your plan subscription at Cunnekt?

    Yes, Cunnekt permits you to switch between your subscribed plans. If you wish to upgrade/downgrade to the Plus or Pro plan, then you can simply connect with us and our operatives will facilitate you on the plan upgradation procedure.


  1. What are the prices applicable when using Cunnekt?

    There are two parts of pricing at Cunnekt:


    1. Plan Subscription: You must pay the requisite subscription fee as per your chosen Cunnekt plan (Starter/Plus/Pro) 
    2. WhatsApp Conversation Charges: This is the amount which you credit to your Cunnekt account to initiate or respond to a conversation with WhatsApp users
  2. Does Cunnekt offer any discounts on its plan subscriptions?

    Yes, you can avail a whopping 20% discount on the yearly subscription to Cunnekt’s plan. The discount is applicable to all three plans.

  3. Are there any additional charges or setup costs required to subscribe to Cunnekt’s plan?

    No, Cunnekt levies no additional charges to its subscription amount and setup cost for its on-boarding procedure.

  4. What are conversation charges?

    A Conversation Charge is an amount levied on Businesses when they initiate a conversation with a WhatsApp user or respond to their messages using WhatsApp Business API. Such an initiation/response opens up a chat window between you and the WhatsApp user which is live for 24 hours. During this period, you can send and receive unlimited messages from/to your customers.

  5. What are the types of conversation charges on WhatsApp?

    Conversations are charges based on the category of template being sent to your users or when you respond to a user’s query. Please read our pricing blog here. 

  6. Do WhatsApp conversation charges vary as per the nationality of the message recipient?

    Yes, the conversation charge depends on the nationality of the message recipient. If your customer base is distributed in many countries, then Meta will levy conversation charges as per the decided WhatsApp chat rates for that nation. To check out the country-wise conversation price listing for different nations, refer to the pricing page.

  7. What are the payment options available for plan subscriptions at Cunnekt?

    What are the payment options available for plan subscriptions at Cunnekt?

    Cunnekt offers a fully secure payment method your monthly payments are automatically debited from any of the following means: 

    • Credit Card 
    • E-mandate

    Cunnekt also offers UPI/Netbanking/Wallet options. Please connect with our sales team to get started at +919873617805

  8. Is there an option for auto-renewal for a plan subscription on Cunnekt?

    For a credit card purchase, charges for Cunnekt’s WhatsApp Business API plan are automatically debited from the client’s account. He or she must not worry about plan expiration.


  1. What is the on-boarding procedure at Cunnekt?

    The on-boarding procedure at Cunnekt is as follows:

    1)  Sign up on Cunnekt’s portal

    2)  Make payment for the plan as per your requirement

    3)  Onboard to WhatsApp Business API and explore its features.

    You can also raise a WhatsApp onboarding call with our agents to assist you.

  2. What are the mandatory documents required for setting up my WhatsApp Business account?

    You must possess the following to set up a WhatsApp Business account at Cunnekt:

    • Active Phone Number with no WhatsApp account, able to receive calls and OTP
    • Personal Facebook ID to create your WhatsApp Business account
    • Verified Facebook Manager: We can also work with an unverified business account, but the daily message limit will be fixed 250 conversations/day
    • Business Website to display your legal name on WhatsApp
  3. Does Cunnekt necessitate Facebook Business verification to complete the on-boarding procedure?

    No, Cunnekt can also work with an unverified business account, but the daily message limit will be fixed at 250 conversations per day. Verified Facebook businesses get started with 1000 conversations per day which can increase up to unlimited conversation per day depending on usage.

  4. What are the documents required for Facebook Business verification?

    The following documents are mandated to be produced for Facebook Business account verification:

    • Certificate of Incorporation/Formation
    • Business License
    • Tax/VAT registration certificate
  5. Can I use my existing WhatsApp number with Cunnekt?

    Yes, you can use your personal as well as WhatsApp business number with Cunnekt. For this, you’d have to delete your account with WhatsApp, the number automatically becomes available for registration. Only WhatsApp APIs are restricted for registration at Cunnekt.

  6. What is the procedure to migrate to Cunnekt if I am engaged with another Business Solution Provider?

    You can easily change your service provider to Cunnekt with our simple migration procedure. The migration procedure takes roughly 2 to 24 hours to complete. All you need to do is connect with us and our Experts will get you on board in no time.

  7. How can I get the WhatsApp Business verified green tick?

    Businesses with Official Business Accounts (OBA) get a green tick beside their business name. If you subscribe to a paid Cunnekt subscription, we can guide you on how to apply for the WhatsApp green tick without any extra charge. However, approval is given at the sole discretion of WhatsApp’s internal policies. 

Cunnekt Features

  1. How many Agents/Team Members can a Business register on Cunnekt?

    Cunnekt permits Businesses to register and employ unlimited Agents to cater to their customers' queries on its CRM. Agents use the Cunnekt platform to track, sort, and resolve customer queries assigned to them. With no cap on Agents, you can employ as many Agents as you want to provide sustained and integrated customer support from Cunnekt’s CRM window.

  2. How many Mobile App users/agents does Cunnekt offer in its subscription plans?

    The mobile app windows count differs for all three of Cunnekt’s Business API plans:

    • For Starter Plan, you get 1 Mobile App users
    • For Plus Plan, you get 5 Mobile App users
    • For Pro Plan, you get 10 Mobile App users

    If you wish to add more mobile app users to your existing plans, then you can subscribe to our Enterprise plan add-on. You can connect with our sales representatives for this.

  3. Does Cunnekt offer WhatsApp APIs for platform Integration?

    Yes, Cunnekt offers all the core WhatsApp business APIs which you can use to integrate with your platform. To know about Cunnekt’s WhatsApp APIs, refer to the page.  

  4. What type of messages can I send using Cunnekt?

    For better customer engagement, Cunnekt supports rich media formats for creating interactive messaging templates on WhatsApp. You can add Images, Videos, and Docs in the template header, as well as Response Buttons for customers’ quick responses on the to-be-shared message template.

  5. Is there a limit to the number of messages you can send from the Cunnekt’s Campaigning module?

    If you have a verified Facebook Business Account, then you can initiate up to 1000 conversations per day, otherwise, Meta restricts an unverified FB Manager WhatsApp account to 250 conversations a day. With better messaging and campaigning procedures, Meta further increases the daily messaging limit to 10000 messages a day and more.

    If you wish to put your campaign on an automatic broadcasting mechanism, you can opt for the Smart Campaigning feature at Cunnekt. For instance, to broadcast 100000 messages in a campaign, you can turn smart campaigning ON, which will accordingly send campaigning messages as per the daily limit of your account.

  6. What reports and analytics are available on Cunnekt?

    Cunnekt provides performance reports and analytics to better assess the intent and operations of Agents and daily conversations received on its CRM module. Cunnekt issues two kinds of reports:

    1. Agent Performance Report: To assess the service delivery of the registered Agent on your Cunnekt account
    2. Conversation Report: To keep tabs on the received customer conversations on CRM and their effective resolutions
  7. Does Cunnekt offer contact segmentation features on its platform? 

    Cunnekt offers two ways to segment your contacts which can be further used for campaigns

    • Tags: You can attach a tag to the contacts while uploading them under a common tag for campaigning purposes
    • Rule-based Segmentation: Segregate your contacts on the basis of their attributes, agent assignment, contact source, and much more.

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