Frequently Asked Questions

All That You Want To Know About Cunnekt

What Is Cunnekt?

Cunnekt is a customer helpdesk solution that simplifies the way you communicate with customers. Just a simple registration and you’re ready cater to your customers using social platforms, emails and messeging.

Why Cunnekt?

Cunnekt allows you to communicate with your customers via email, social channels and messaging. These platforms have been taking the world by storm. Offer your customers an additional innovative support channel with Cunnekt.

How does it work?

To use Cunnekt all you need is to register and follow some simple steps in order to activate your account. During the activation process we will ask you for your telephone number (the one you want to use with Cunnekt) and the details of your payment card to pay for the initial installation cost. But remember: if you are not satisfied within 15 days, we will give you your money back!

Do I need to have a new mobile number?

In the case of a new mobile number, we recommend that you register that number on our Cunnekt account.This is because it must be you, as owner of the mobile number, who creates the Cunnekt account (by activating the application for the first time), and as such who accepts the terms and conditions of use.

Can I use the same mobile number for personal use and for Cunnekt?

Cunnekt does not allow use of the same account (associated with a mobile phone number) from various devices. Thus, when you activate a number on Cunnekt, your number will stop supporting other chat applications.

How much does Cunnekt cost?

The cost of the service depends on the number of agents assigned to your Cunnekt account. You can see the cost of our service and its characteristics on our pricing page.

What is an agent?

Agents are the people from within your team whom you want to use your Cunnekt channel. They are the people who are going to simultaneously attend to all of the contacts from your mobile number linked to Cunnekt.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to subscribe Cunnekt. Click the sign-up link on top right corner and register. You may also call our 24×7 helpdesk at 91-7042949130 for details.

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