WhatsApp Based Customer Service Helpdesk Software

Cunnekt is WhatsApp Business API powered customer service helpdesk software. Packed with all powerful features of WhatsApp, the software lets businesses stay in touch and communicate with their customers over WhatsApp. This fully automated customer support software provides abilities like real-time communications, faster response times, and smarter resolutions of customer pain points.

Multi Agent Chat Support

Multi Agent Chat Support:

The customer service helpdesk software lets multiple agents to take on individual customers in order to resolve their issues faster. In case an agent is offline or busy on other queries, other agent can proceed with the conversation further without any delay. This means, even if an issue is assigned to a specific agent, other agent(s) can access complete thread history to get all the context required to reply customer.

One to One Communication:

Give personalized attention to the customer queries with one-to-one communication. Let your customers reach you with a message rather than calling a helpdesk, switching to another tool or moving to another device. Thread client’s entire communication into a single conversation, and build interactive messaging experiences. Now answer customers from one single place one-to –one using Cunnekt’s features.


Alerts and Notifications as WhatsApp Messages:

Cunnekt – WhatsApp for Business API integration enables businesses to send relevant alerts, notifications and mission critical messages (such as Payment reminders, Appointment reminders, Order receipts and Delivery notifications) as WhatsApp messages. Customers can directly reply to these WhatsApp message without having to change the channel and call the provider. Agents can see Message Delivered and Message Read notifications when customers reply.

Cunnekt Customer Service Help Desk Software

Cunnekt, the #1 customer service helpdesk streamlines all your customer support hassles. Reach out to your customers when they need you the most. Organize conversations running across agents into one place, keeps track of user requests and enables to deal with other customer support related issues promptly.

Chat Management

Cunnekt, the most advanced customer service / support software that comes with solid chat management features. These features enable agents to organize their conversions and access them when they need it. The features are built to help agents deliver query resolution faster than ever. It improves customer experience boosts chances of conversion.

Open Chats

Open chats are those conversations that are still underway.

Closed Chats

These are the conversations that are concluded no more conversation is needed.

Pending Chats

These are the conversations that are yet to finish.

Recent Chats

Recent chats are those communications that have recently been done whether Open, Close or Pending.

Contact Management:

Cunnekt’s easy to use contact management enables agents to add subscribers / contacts before broadcasting the notifications. In addition, agents can also import and import contact list easily. Furthermore, editing and deleting a contact or multiple contacts is also easy with Cunnekt. A search field is also available to help agents find contact(s) from subscribers list.

Agent Management:

Whether it’s an individual agent or agents from different departments, Cunnekt’s agent management helps you manage them all from a centralized customer interface. Cunnekt is proudly developed as a multi-agent chat platform that lets multiple agents from different departments working together. The dashboard lets admins add and remove agents from the interface. Admin can also assign chats to individual agents and may revoke roles from some agents as well.

Auto Response on onboarding:

Auto responses / greetings to new customers simply save you time and effort. Get away from writing same greeting every time as soon a new customer arrives. Save pre-defined greetings, links, product pitches, and FAQs as auto responses. Just input the short code and hit enter.

Comprehensive Reporting:

The software provides a custom analytics and reporting dashboard. Agents can use the reporting capabilities to access, view and analyze data and generate reports that really matter. These reports help agents to find decisive insights into chats assigned, volumes handled, ticket closed, replies added, and queries resolved.

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