WhatsApp Business API Provisioning

our team sets up and tests your WhatsApp business presence in a secure and encrypted environment. Just drop us your request for WhatsApp business API setup and integration and we will walk you through the entire process. We will handle all the intricacies involved.

  • Facebook Business Account verification

  • Applying for Facebook for WhatsApp Business API

  • Registration of your number on WhatsApp Business via Facebook

  • Setting up Docker for WhatsApp Business API

  • Setting up Facebook Approved Templates for Notifications

  • Send/receive messages using WhatsApp business API

WhatsApp Business API
Solutions We Can Build

We help you build and deploy best-in-class user engagement solutions and conversation management tools using WhatsApp Business API. We already have chat support helpdesk software and digital push notifications solutions up and running at our 500+ esteemed clients globally. We have tools and technology in place to empower your existing technology stack with WhatsApp.

Customer Support

With WhatsApp Business API integration, you can build customer support helpdesk. The helpdesk provides responses to customer-initiated conversations on WhatsApp. Being a business or brand with WhatsApp business account, you have only 24 hours to reply to these messages. With a help desk, you can initiate one-on-one with communication on the channel they prefer and provide chat support. Engage your customer in real-time and delight them with a timely response to their queries.

  • Quick Conversational support
  • Instant feedback
  • one-on-one conversations

& Notifications

The integration lets you create alerts and notifications and send it to your customers on an opt-in basis. Notifications are business initiated, template messages that can be sent any time, or on scheduled time to a group of segmented users. Deliver time-sensitive media-rich messages, reminders, and notifications to your customers across communication channels and digital touchpoints throughout their buying journey.

  • e-receipts
  • e-tickets for events
  • Financial transaction alerts

Get Ready for WhatsApp
with Cunnekt

Make your business solutions conversation ready with WhatsApp Business API Integration. With Cunnekt, your turnkey WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, your business messaging will be a cakewalk. We are an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that understands all the intricacies of the platform and integration. That is why we can help you unleash all the technical capabilities without interruptions.

  • Official WhatsApp Business API

    Cunnekt uses the official WhatsApp Business API for integration. All compliance and standards followed.

  • Go Live Faster

    Our team will take care of all the complex integration hassles and nitty-gritty. Go live within 7-10 days.

  • Pay as You Go

    Save a lot with every message. Pay only for the messages you send and receive. No Hidden charges.

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