Delight Your Website Visitors with Personalized Support

Our website chat support is an AI enabled live engagement solution designed for online businesses like you. It empowers businesses to connect and engage with their customers using Live Chat and Bots. Talk to your customers in real time and provide query resolutions faster.

Engage Website Visitors
in Real Time

Communicate with your customers in real time. Engage your website visitors anywhere anytime. With Cunnekt, you can scale up the level of user retention and user engagement on your website. Respond to your customers immediately. Don’t leave any conversation unheard. Connect to your website visitors and customers faster than ever. Nurture more leads, increase conversions and retain customers.Unleash the next level of website chat support that transforms the buying process and creates conversations that convert.

Experience Superior
Chat Features

Our live chat widgets are equipped with amazing chat features that help you provide personalized chat support to your website visitors based on their journey.Engage in one to one conversations with your customers to address their queries and convert them faster. The live chat support software comes packed with centralized dashboard and intuitive user interface along with features like welcome greetings, canned responses, Analytics and feedback forms. Give your website visitors and existing customers enhanced live chat experience. Help them in making informed and prompt buying decisions.

Provide Quality
Customer Support

See conversations going on uninterrupted. Get involved in more personalized communication with Chat ratings, predefined responses and file sharing. Increase sales and conversions by initiating interactive chat support with website visitors and customers. Simplify the user’s buying journey using live chat. Understand your customers better and stay ahead of your competitors. Experence a smooth conversation with fully customized back end and front end. Desktop notiifcations for missed live chats won’t let you miss a single chat. Be there for your customers when they need it.

Human and Automation Together

Maximize your chat support efficiency with automated answers for frequently asked questions and redundant queries. Bring into the play a perfect mix of human intelligence and machine learning to take chat support to a whole new level. Greet visitors with an automated welcome message or send custom messages based on specific customer journeys such as cart abandonment or unsuccessful purchase. Chatbot takes up queries until an agent comes online.

and Reports

Dive deeper into conversations and agent activity with in-depth analytics and reporting. See how your agent(s) are handling the conversations. Get an overview of the number of chats your agents handle, number of chats missed or unattended and time taken to close a conversation etc. Have all the reports and actionable data on fingertips to monitor the agent performance in real time. Analyze the interactions and other metrics in real time to understand customer needs and further improvements if required.

Real Time
Chat Translation

Keep language barriers at bay when you are talking to your potential customers. Our live chat software comes inbuilt with a real-time live chat translation feature that allows both visitors and customers to communicate in their own language without hindrances. The software is capable of automatically translating chat messages in the background back and forth between customer and support agent. Thanks to its ability to detect and translate customer conversations. Open up to a more fluid communication journey with no disruption at all due to languages.


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