Twitter Customer Support / Service Helpdesk

Build real relationships with Twitter customers by engaging in conversation

71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that provides a quick and effective response on Twitter. Be quick in offering fast customer support to your Twitter audience via Cunnekt.


Sync Twitter brand page with Cunnekt

Cunnekt integrates your brand’s page on Twitter with a user friendly customer support interface. It enable an opportunity to keep your customer support synchronized with your Twitter presence. This turns to be the most effective way to listen, take action and make the most of what your Twitter community tells you.

Engage audience in real time

With Twitter-Cunnekt integration gives speed and quality of your response to the Twitter customers. It’s a simple and immediate tool find out what consumers want. Respond instantly to customer’s tweets, re-tweets, twitter messages and mentions from Cunnekt’s dashboard.


Monitor, track and benchmark communications

Generate reports quickly to track and monitor customer messages, tweets, re-tweets and mentions. Get a broad overview of your brand’s reach and a granular, detailed view of each customer interaction on Twitter. Find a more dynamic, complete picture of customers with Cunnekt.

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