Delight Your Customers with Telegram Chat Support

We integrate Telegram with Cunnekt so that you can accelerate customer service experiences through instant messaging and one to one conversation. Our Telegram bots help you connect to your customers directly without switching to Telegram app. Cunnekt is the smartest Conversation management platform for all those who always put customer Support on priority.

One to One
Telegram Conversations

Regardless of the devices Telegram is being used on, you can access all the customers chats on our unified Cunnekt Dashboard. Send, receive messages and make replies right from the Cunnekt. Delight your customers with uninterrupted conversation experience across devices.

  • Reply from Cunnekt Support
  • Manage private chats
  • Get Message Notifications

Automate Conversations with
Telegram Bots

Provide the next level of customer engagement with AI powered Telegram bots. Use Automated bots to send relevant information, schedules, reminders to-do lists and much more. Create your own bots to make instant messaging via Telegram more convenient and engaging. Provide your customers a gateway to get answers to frequently asked questions without human intervention.

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Enhances User Engagement
  • Personalize User Experience

Send Personalized
Alerts and Notifications

Stay your customers engaged and informed by sending hyper personalized and timely alerts and notifications via Telegram. Send valuable and time-sensitive updates about reminders, promotional offers, new launches and upcoming webinars etc. Amplify your customer care strategy with on-time notifications and alerts.

  • Send alerts
  • Reminders and offers
  • Drop Notifications

Broadcast to
Large Audiences

Have a message to broadcast to a group of customers? Create Telegram channels to broadcast important time sensitive messages to unlimited people at one go. No capping. No limitations. Don’t let a message go unheard. Keep your customers informed about everything that matters. Keep your customer communication consistent throughout the customer journey.

  • Protected along the way
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Trusted contacts

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