Target Audience

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Target Audience

Your target market is a group of potential or current consumers, which you decide to aim its marketing strategies at in order to sell a product or service. An appropriate target audience is mandatory if being a business you want to successfully complete your marketing communications.

Why You Need Target Audience?

Unless you know who your customers are, your messages can’t appeal user interests and passions. Only refined audience data enables you to capture the precise user who care about your brand or product. More you focus on the target audience, more you can raise your brand awareness and maximize ROI by converting qualified potential customers .

Target Audience

How Cunnekt Helps?

If you haven’t yet found right set of customer data who could be your next customers, let Cunnekt do it for you.

With a full suite of audience targeting / audience segmentation solutions, we explore reliable set of audience data for marketers so that they can connect with new and existing customers with confidence. Whatever the business goal you are aiming at, Cunnekt makes it possible for you to reach the right customers at the right time and maximize investment by discovering new audiences.

How Cunnekt Segments The Big Data:

This is something what we call Data Mining. Our service aims at segmenting your audience using their interests, loyalty, social activity and several other key traits to drive engagement. Following are the major audience segmentation strategies we follow:


1. Demographic Segmentation:

Using demographic segmentation, our data mining team filters the data based upon externally measurable characteristics such as gender, age, income and many more. So that if you want to serve your next beauty product to your female audience, you don’t miss the target.

2. Behavioral Segmentation:

Here we segment the consumer data based on specific consumption patterns such as past purchasing and browsing history. So that if you want to introduce your new dishwasher range to your audience, you can have a targeted data of the consumers who searched frequently for the same.

3. Geographical Segmentation:

We segment the consumer data based on geographical locations. So that if you want to target consumers at location ‘A’ at certain period, you can do it effortlessly.

How It Benefits Marketers Like You?

Not only we segment and refine prospects data, but also helps you understand the attributes and behaviors that drive your most profitable customers. With our audience targeting and profiling, you can:

  • Find prospects that matches your customer profile
  • Engage and attract new customers
  • Create outreach using their preferred channels
  • Initiate communication that resonates

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