Integrate Helpdesk and Chatbots to Your Business Ecosystem

Integrate power packed chat solutions and push notifications within your technology stack and business ecosystem. Open up to a whole new level of customer engagement at scale. Platform Integrations is available for eCommerce and CRM applications. More integrations are on the way. No need to develop a standalone solution from scratch. We have full-fledged and integration ready conversation management solutions for you.

Platform Integrations

Integration with
eCommerce Platforms

Our chat support solutions built for eCommerce platforms unleash massive customer engagement opportunities for brands. Be it a new visitor, existing customer or a new customer, set up versatile chat support to scale conversations at scale and maximize support. Live chat support optimizes the conversations and brings back hesitant customers at checkout. Plunge into customer’s browsing and chat history to ensure consistent support throughout the customer journey. Enjoy a variety of live chat features including canned responses, file sharing, personal greetings and more.


Live chat support integration for Shopify helps you provide exceptional customer services so that you can easily convert visitors into buyers. Give your customers instant customer support and address customer queries in real time to increase customer satisfaction and earn loyalty. The integration turns shopping into an enriching experience for both you and your customers.


The live chat software for Magento is designed to provide quick answers to customer queries and ensure personalized buying experience to shoppers. You can proactively engage shoppers via chat invitations. Agents can customize the look and feel of the software, create a welcome greeting for shoppers and access customer’s browsing and chat history.


Chat support integration with Opencart enables support agents to engage with customers in real time and resolve their shopping related queries. See their cart value, product link, product details in the chat dashboard to provide more personalized assistance to them on the basis of their shopping needs. Mobile Friendly and fully customizable chat support plugin for OpenCart.

Integration with
CRM Platforms

Our CRM chat integration enables support executives to communicate with customers in real time. We have custom built and integration ready chat support software specifically designed for your CRM app. The all in one chat widget is loaded with superb chat features such as canned responses, welcome greetings, chat histories and widget customization etc. These features altogether help to elevate the level of customer support to a new level. Moreover, our push notification modules helps brand to send time sensitive messages and notifications to their customers in no time.


Integrate chat support to your CRM to connect with your website visitors in real time. Provide better support to your customers to convert new leads and close more sales. Engage at scale with personalized chat support using chatbots in case agents are offline. Use canned responses for frequently asked questions and send welcome notes to new customers onboard.


With Salesforce live chat integration, you can provide more personalized support to your customers whether new or existing. Loaded with the features the chat plugin allows agents to provide answers faster by accessing customers chat history and using canned responses and welcome notes. Turn chat conversations into leads. Provide superior chat experience.

Zoho CRM

Provide precise chat support to your customers when they need it. Initiate real time conversation with them on your website anytime. Set up automated bots to handle them when no agent is there. Use automated replies to FAQs, canned responses and welcome notes to the new customers to scale the chat support. Customize the default chat widget by adding your own logo.

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