Connect Your Customers Faste

Targeted SMS Campaigns for Better Customer Outreach

Reach millions of targeted customers with our integrated SMS solutions. Create and launch both transactional and promotional SMS in real time using our custom dashboard. Message your customers in bulk with the next level of automation and reporting tools.

Text Messages

Keep your campaigns targeted at the right audience. Experience hyper personalized messaging that drives better engagement. Cunnekt is equipped with in-built tools and capabilities to help you optimize message delivery time. Build tailored promotional campaigns using our SMS API based on users interests, behavior and their past interactions.

  • Personalized Product Recommendation
  • News Alert
  • Transaction Reminder
  • Price Alert
Message Scheduling


Timings of the communication matter. Don’t miss a chance to connect to your audience. Just schedule your SMS campaign and see your messages delivered even if you forget to click the launch button. Set any date or time that you think would be the best time for the campaign launch. Never forget to send your marketing communications in future.

  • Flexible scheduled time
  • Add multiple dates of month
  • Monthly repetition


Don’t miss an opportunity to engage your audience. Create autoresponders to reduce the time wasted on replying common queries and requests. Automatically send a series of incoming texts with a personalized message to your recipients in case of events such as onboarding, promotions, abandoned cart messages, and dorder confirmations.

  • Personalized text
  • Timed-Based Responses
  • Drip Messages
  • One-click enabling and disabling

SMS Campaign

Cunnekt is equipped with industry leading tracking and analytics tools to measure campaign health. Know every minute detail about your audience and campaign. Dive deeper into the insights gathered to analyze your SMS marketing campaign performance metrics including texts sent, messages received, open and bounce rates etc.

  • Real-Time Delivery Reports
  • Track campaign metrics
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Opt-in monitoring

Bulk SMS

Connect your customers beyond borders with our International SMS API. Connect’s SMS platform is built with a safe and secure SMS gateway. It enables you to send notifications, transactional messages, reminders and alerts to the customers across 200+ countries. Integrate your CRM, ERP and Ecommerce business solutions to Cunnekt. Target your international customers right from the Cunnekt effortlessly.

  • Custom Sender ID
  • SMS To All National Networks
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Connected with global carriers

Exceptional SMS Capabilities

Cunnekt helps you in to scaling up your reach and engagement by integrating SMS into your Omnichannel marketing strategy. Our SMS platform is packed with a slew of advanced SMS marketing capabilities including marketing automation and AI. Drive better engagement with perfectly timed SMS delivery.

  • List Import & Segmentation

    Upload existing list of mobile numbers from Excel or csv in one click. Segment those numbers into separate lists. Send campaigns to only the most interested audience.

  • Easy Integration

    Integrate our SMS panel to any of your enterprise applications such as CRM, SAP or ERP.Find the convenience sending and receiving messages without leaving your own business ecosystem,

  • Opt in / Opt Out

    Give your audience choice to receive or unsubscribe the communication. Create opt-in and out-forms to make sure that right communication is sent to the right people and at the right time.

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