Personalized Multichannel Push Notifications

With our digital push notification solutions, we help brands automatically segment and send push notifications to their users and customers. Stay in touch with your customers with time critical messages and notifications. even after they leave your site. Keep your customers informed about service and updates in real time. Create and send relevant, contextual and personalized messages for your target audiences without any hassle.

Quick and
Easy Setup

Our push notifications solutions are integration ready. You need not to invest extra in development or app design. Our team will integrate and setup push notifications for you in minutes. No need to download anything at all. Let us handle setup and launch, you focus on keep engaging your customers with promotional offers, flash sales, new arrivals and exciting updates.

Built for Mobile
and Web

Cunnekt helps you build push notifications solutions that can deliver time sensitive messages to customers in the form of web push and mobile notifications. Just a simple API integration and you can quickly automate customer journeys using interactive push notifications for multiple communication channels.

Push Campaigns

Personalized campaigns multiple open rates and engage customers more. Create and launch campaigns that are tailored around their preferences including content they want to view and notification topics they want to receive. Cunnekt lets you deliver personalized, targeted messages directly to customers’ desktop and mobile browsers. Personalized campaigns help to interact with your customers contextually, hence generate higher repeat traffic.

& Targeting

Create push notification campaigns on the basis of usage, customer profiles and past interests. Yield maximum engagement by sending campaigns to the targeted audience. Create highly relevant and precise push campaigns for various user types such as all users, engaged users active users and inactive users. Setup and launch automated push notification campaigns to engage and reengage users.

Push Notification

Rich Media

Elevate the level of user engagement rich media elements like images, gifs, videos, sounds. Push notifications with rich media gain more customer attention and take user engagement to a whole new level. With Cunnekt, you can create visually striking push notifications for providing fantastic user experience. Surprise your customers with stunning media rich messages at every step of their customer journey.

Analytics and

With in-built analytics, get to know how your push notification campaigns drive engagement. Have detailed insights about the metrics that present the big picture about the campaign success. Track and monitor important benchmarks including the number of campaigns sent, number of subscribers gained, total view, clicks, and CTR etc. A comprehensive analytics dashboard presents a compalete view of your campaign performance that you can measure and monitor for further improvements.

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