#1 Multi Agent Social Media Management Solution: Features

Cunnekt’s next generation multi agent customer support helpdesk enables agents and customer support agents track, sort, and solve customer queries across communication channels right from a single dashboard and without switching to individual channels. The Platform enables support teams to bring customer communication to a whole new level using customer profiles, conversation histories, and third party platform integrations. The software enables businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels of communicarion in order to provide a unified customer experience. Switch to Cunnekt now for an efficient and flexible solution for speedy query resolution.

Customer Support Helpdesk

Multi Channel

Integrate all your communication channels at one place. Organize your customer chats and other communications across email, SMS, Social Media and popular chat apps (FB, WhatsApp, Telegram and More) right from Cunnekt’s unified dashboard. No more switching to individual apps for replying customer queries. Delight your customers on their favorite communication channel right from the Cunnekt. Engage in a two way communication in a streamlined and hassle free manner. Humanize the customer conversations at scale and respond to any customer query immediately.

  • Increase efficiency of processes
  • Improve customer engagment
  • Leaverage Customer information across communication channelsy

Multi Agent

Cunnekt lets you offer customer support with Shared Inbox between multiple agents. The platform is loaded with a slew of powerful collaboration features. It brings support agents from different departments together to provide sustainable customer support without delay. They can simultaneously respond to the request of users. Availability of multiple agents shortens the waiting time for customers who want to initiate a new chat. Tools that give support agents a complete, shared view of every customer and interactions.

  • Split the tasks involved
  • Collaborate contextually
  • Prioritize to find solutions


Create and automate workflows to enhance the level of engagement and reduce response time delays. Route customer questions to the right agent for quicker resolution. From assigning tickets to available agents to distribution chats on the basis of communication channels and availability of the agent. Automate notifications/alerts, welcome greetings and message broadcasts depending on specific messages or events. Cunnekt brings plethora of excellent live chat, ticketing and automation capabilities that allow brands to provide exceptional customer support to their customers.

  • Automate repetitive task
  • Auto-reply / canned responses
  • Smart ticket routing
Customer Support Help desk

Reports for
Actionable Insights

Cunnekt provides a wide range of advanced reporting tools that help you monitor your support performance and improve it further for optimized support experience. These reports provide your teams and support agents with time-sensitive information and actionable data about tickets, incoming chats, replies, open tickets and closed tickets, etc. right into the helpdesk. Read into key support metrics to know how support teams are performing. Help your team members with the right data to help them deliver helpfully, and personalized customer support.

  • Identify the most critical support issues
  • Get real-time data and insights
  • Drop Notifications

Third Party

Cunnekt provides native integrations with your favorite third-party apps such as ERP, Salesforce, CMS, and various ecommerce platforms. The integration gives you access to important information about the customers including purchase, cart value, previous orders and more right into the Cunnekt dashboard. No more switching to third platforms for responding customers there. Fetch entire communication to Cunnekt through a simple integration and start responding from Cunnekt.

  • eCommerce Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • SAP Integration

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