Scale Your Customer Support with Brilliant Features

Cunnekt isn’t any ordinary customer support tool but a great unified support platform that helps support teams track, sort, and solve customer queries with the help of the right tools and widgets. The software enables support teams to bring customer support to a whole new level using customer profiles, conversation histories, and platform integrations.

Customer Support Help desk


Integrate all your communication channels into a unified communication platform. Streamline all your chats and other customer communications from email, phone, social media and chat apps into one. Now no need to switch over apps and memorize complex passwords. With Cunnekt’s multi-agent help desk, reply to emails, answer customer calls and chat with customers on their favorite chat apps (Facebook, Twitter and Telegram etc. ) right within the helpdesk.

  • Don’t miss conversations
  • Keep track of conversations
  • Manage and execute tasks efficiently

Multi agent

This all-in-one customer support platform helps your team members to collaborate better. Cunnekt is loaded with powerful collaboration features so that your support agents from different departments can work together and provide sustainable customer support. An intelligent ticketing system lets agents see all the details of a ticket right next to it. This is really helpful when conversations and chats are handled by other representatives as well.

  • Split the tasks involved
  • Collaborate contextually
  • Prioritize to find solutions

AI Powered Automated

Maximize customer interaction and engagement with time-based triggers or event-based triggers. Using advanced and powerful automation features, you can create multiple workflows to route customer questions and calls to the right agent for quicker response. From assigning tickets to available agents to distribution chats on the basis of communication channels, have complete control over your customer service. Create notifications/alerts depending on specific messages or events.

  • Automate repetitive task
  • Auto-reply / canned responses
  • Smart ticket routing
Customer Support Help desk

Smart Analytics
and Reporting

Cunnekt provides a wide range of advanced reporting tools that help you monitor your support performance and improve it further for optimized support experience. These reports provide your teams and support agents with time-sensitive information and actionable data about tickets, incoming chats, replies, open tickets and closed tickets, etc. right into the helpdesk. Read into key support metrics to know how support teams are performing. Help your team members with the right data to help them deliver helpfully, and personalized customer support.

  • Identify the most critical support issues
  • Get real-time data and insights
  • Drop Notifications

Third Party

Cunnekt provides native integrations with your favorite third-party apps such as ERP, Salesforce, CMS, and eCommerce platforms. The pre-built integration gives you access to various critical details about the customers using these apps right into the Cunnekt dashboard. From shipping details or order information in Magento to customer questions through tweets. you can access all this information into Cunnekt dashboard.

  • eCommerce Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • SAP Integration

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