Latest Updates to Pricing, Free Tiers, and Templates on Cunnekt

We, at Cunnekt, are committed to giving you important updates and information that could affect your business. Starting from June 1, 2023, WhatsApp [has announced changes related to how conversations are charged, template categories, and free conversation credits.

In this article, we will cover the following updates:

  1. Change to the conversation pricing model
  2. Free Tier Conversations
  3. Template Modifications
  4. New Conversation Prices on Cunnekt

1. Conversation Types:

What was previously referred to as user-initiated conversations (when a customer starts messaging with a business) is now called Service Conversations. Business-initiated conversations are now separated into three conversation types. Following is a brief illustration of each conversation type:  

  • Utility conversations:

They aim to help customers with a specific and mutually agreed-upon request or transaction and keep them informed about ongoing transactions, such as post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements.

  • Authentication conversations:

 They allow businesses to verify users’ identities using one-time passcodes, which may be required at various stages of the login process, such as account verification, account recovery, and integrity Challenges.

  • Marketing Conversations:

Marketing conversations involve providing customers with promotions or offers, updates on information, or invitations to take action. Any conversation that does not fall into the category of utility or authentication conversation, is considered a marketing conversation.

  • Service Conversations:

Conversations initiated by users will be classified as service conversations, aimed at assisting customers in resolving their inquiries.

2. Changes to Free Tier Conversation:

Starting June 1st, 2023, conversations initiated by businesses will no longer be part of the free tier. However, the first 1000 user-initiated (Service) conversations (per WABA) will continue to be free every month. This means that charges for these conversations will only apply after the 1000th conversation.

3. Changes to the current template ( if required ) are to be done via WhatsApp Manager.   

 [since templates are now charged based on their category, you should verify your existing templates for the correct category, and in case of issues, update the same using Whatsapp Manager accessible from Facebook Business Manager]

Here are the steps:-

If your template is rejected because it was categorized incorrectly, you can edit it using WhatsApp Manager. Select the template and click on the “Edit category” button, then submit the changes for approval. See the screenshot below:

If you submit an appeal for a template that has already been approved, the approval status will remain unchanged, even if your appeal is rejected by Meta. This means that the category assigned to the template by Meta will be retained regardless of the outcome of your appeal.

Edit templates

4.  New UIC/BIC Charges Per Plan:

Businesses using Cunnekt’s WhatsApp Business Platform are charged on a per-conversation basis, encompassing all messages conveyed during a 24-hour session. Each of our plans offers UIC / BIC charges as per the following:  

Plans Template Pricing User Initiated Conversation
Marketing Utility Authentication Service
Starter 0.83 0.37 0.37 0.37
Plus 0.81 0.36 0.36 0.36
Pro 0.79 0.35 0.35 0.35

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