Facebook Customer Support / Service Helpdesk

Deliver faster, more complete resolutions to customer service

Cunnekt helps you stay on top of when your product gets mentioned on Facebook so that you can respond to your customers.

Facebook Brand

Sync Facebook brand page with Cunnekt

A simple Facebook page – Cunnekt integration will open your business to 900 million Facebook’ users. With Cunnekt, you can turn customer interaction into a new way of marketing. More customers to your Facebook business page will eventually help you having more business leads and high revenue. To do so, you needn’t to login each time to your business page.

Engage audience in real time

With Cunnekt, be with your Facebook customers and community round the clock and support them better. Facebook – Cunnekt interaction brings Facebook comments, messages mentions right on Cunnekt help desk. You can then create support tickets from social mentions and respond directly from the app.


Monitor, track and benchmark communications

With Cunnekt, it becomes easier to monitor and track customers who are discussing you, recommending you, complaining about you and even trying desperately to talk to you. Now engage and respond to customers individually and in the way they choose.

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