Engage into Powerful Conversations On Messenger

Communicate with your Facebook customers using multi-agent chat support or a messenger bot. Reach your audience directly via Facebook anytime anywhere. No more delays in responding to customer queries, tracking deliveries, or booking appointments.

Faster Response

Engage and delight your customers on Facebook messenger. Proactively answer their queries without delay. Mission critical communication can’t afford delays, so be ready to handle messages from your Facebook fans directly in Cunnekt.

  • Streamline your helpdesk
  • Increase support efficiency
  • Improve customer interactions

Send Alerts and

Send personalized conversations at scale with the help of feature loaded Facebook Messenger API. Share personalized product recommendations, price drop alerts and promotional offers with your fans and followers. Keep your customers informed and engaged throughout their customer journey.

  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Customize your workflow
  • Provide immediate responses

Automate Conversations for
Personalized Experience

Give your customers exceptional support with a perfect mix of human and AI. Create predefined answer templates for repeating questions and welcome greetings. Use intelligent chatbots to automate routine requests and prioritize the things that matter.

  • Handle multiple live chat conversations
  • Connect in real time with Facebook followers
  • Connect with text, video and voice

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