Manage Emails

Nurture Customers with
Effective Email Communication

With Cunnekt, email communication is quick and convenient. Cunnekt is a unified communication platform that enables you to indulge in two –way personalized email communication. Keep all of your marketing & transaction emails in one place. Integrate your favorite email service with Cunnekt in seconds and start sending the most relevant email communication to your customers instantly. Engage them faster with prompt responses to their queries. Nurture leads and convert them into paying customers.

Compose Emails
in Minutes

Cunnekt provides a user friendly and innovative interface to start off email communication in style. It eliminates all the clutter so that you can write and send emails without waiting. Cunnekt lets you design and compose stunning emails from start to finish and send it immediately. The platform offers even more. You can send write and send emails to one or more recipients directly from your Dashboard. You can set up a scheduled delivery and personalize the subject line or message body of your emails too. All from a single unified dashboard build for robust email communication.

Email Editor

Use Cunnekt’s innovative WYSIWYG drag and drop email builder to create responsive professional emails. Choose from pre-built, mobile optimized and ready-to-go email templates to create a high level of engagement. Apart from composing emails the platform is built with preview and testing tools so that you can test and preview emails before sending. No coding skills required to create emails. You can easily place images, add and format text, and enable links to create a full-fledged email for your existing and potential customers. Emails that you create look stunning and fit on a user’s device or screen resolution. Now connect with your customers in ways that mean more to them.

Email Communication

Create personalized email communication experiences using Cunnekt’s built-in automation features. Set up welcome emails, cart abandonment journeys, birthday and anniversary emails. Design trigger based automation workflowsbased on your customer’s purchase journey. Features that help you engage with your potential leads without a miss. Save the time spent on performing repetitive tasks. Send truly relevant email communication based on user behavior. Enhance the level of communication to close deals and grow revenue faster.

Real Time
Notifications & Alerts

Cunnekt allows seamless integration to embed your existing email app into Cunnekt’s unified platform. Take control of every email right from sending to measuring insights. Get a complete overview of everything that’s happening with your prospect. Do everything right from Cunnekt regardless of the email client you are using. Track emails, use built-in templates and send emails to your contacts directly from Cunnekt. Get real-time notifications when a prospect opens, reads and clicks any link within your email. Follow up on a proposal and close deals faster.

Data Driven

Keep track of every metric. Monitor every click, open, read and bounce rate to find how communication with customers is going on. Cunnekt’s in-built analytics tools provide actionable data so that you can act promptly to make data-driven decisions faster. Find out how your successful your agents are in converting prospects in leads and then into customers. Thoroughly monitor every email for engagement to understand what’s resonating with your audience.

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