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How WhatsApp Creating Path For WhatsApp Marketing ?

WhatsApp Getting Bigger After Facebook Acquisition.

This popular peer-to-peer messaging chat service came into the limelight when Facebook acquired WhatsApp by paying $19 billion in the form of cash shares, and stock.

The acquisition was debated across the business fraternity as app subscription was 99 cents a year after one year of free use and hardly contributed a hefty amount to the owners in terms of revenue.

But that’s the history. WhatsApp is a big deal now. With half a billion monthly users, it has amazing potential to deliver to business owners. Most of the WhatsApp users are from outside America and this really works in its favor.

Look at the statistic shown in the image. See how WhatsApp is leading to the pinnacle. (image source: Statista)


Winning Over The SMS Limitations.

WhatsApp is probably the best replacement of traditional text messaging. Text messaging though delivered great benefits to the business owners, its limitations pushed them to consider WhatsApp. In various countries, SMS/text messaging is either expensive or less accessible. WhatsApp overcomes the both. It’s accessible globally and almost free.

A Platform With Massive Opportunities.

Countries like India where small business are reality, this app has been used widely to communicate directly with targeted customers and potential clients without network barriers. The app has been constantly creating a great messaging interface between emerging businesses and their perspective customers. And the communication channel created is even closer and immediate as a text message. Launching businesses via WhatsApp has become a craze now. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, the marketing channel that WhatsApp creates is incredible.

What Makes WhatsApp So Popular ?

Nice question.. isn’t it?

WhatsApp’s amazing popularity can be credited to its messaging features and attributes. Let’s be clear on this. Makers of WhatsApp have made this app in a way so that even a non-tech person could handle this. One interesting fact I got about this app somewhere is that unlike other messaging apps, it releases the update for all the operating systems when it gets one. Meaning: if a WhatsApp update arrives, it’s compatible with all OS say Android, iOs and Blackberry. (Well, I have never noticed that). If it’s true, I am taking it as an important factor behind its popularity.

What’s The Catch.

With WhatsApp, getting connected with your buyers using WhatsApp marketing is a great idea indeed. I don’t find any tool better than this if you want to build a rapport with them. It’s easy; It’s convenient; it’s awesome.

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