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Big Entrepreneurs In India Using WhatsApp For Better Customer Connect

WhatsApp, a Facebook owned peer-to-peer messaging app with 650m strong user base is making news every single day. Gone are the days when it was used for sharing fun, humor, love and joy. Lately, WhatsApp has become a promotional channel used and endorsed even by the corporate barons in India.
Entrepreneurs Using WhatsApp To Get Connected

Reliance Brands (a Reliance initiative), that runs major retail labels in the country is of the thought that WhatsApp helped them to get better connect with the buyers not only in the metros where they have the physical stores but also at almost 50 locations across India.

Sumeet Yadav, the business head of Reliance brands said:

“The service helps us connect better with the clients not just in the metro cities where we have stores, but also 45 locations across India.”

He added that WhatsApp is giving our buyers a convenient way to search the latest product stock. He revealed that the conversion rate improves at a higher note when buyers gets the stock details via WhatsApp. Sometimes, the conversion rates go up by 80%.

Thea Tammeleht, founder and director of Nordic Kandie, has the similar story to share. She said that up to 7 business inquiries out of 10 received via WhatsApp gets converted into sales.

“We find this way of communicating easy for business as we are able to send price lists, images of products, pre-and post-shipping.”

Most of the customers take opinion for the product from their kin using WhatsApp. They do it by sharing images and details of the products to them via the app. Their final decision appears only after 360 degree consultation. Thankfully, WhatsApp provides them the platform.

Prem Dewan, retail head of Corneliani has his own story to tell. He says,

“Currently we engage with at least 15% of our top repeat clients via WhatsApp and it is growing very fast,” said, which has seen its customers try on outfits first and share photos before buying the final product.

The whole testimonies mentioned here have a sparkling fact to reveal: WhatsApp is now becoming a platform of immense importance for local and global brands. They are fully leveraging it to generate leads and manage customer service at a more micro level.

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