Structured Chatbots

These are the basic chatbots presented to the users in the form of menus and buttons. To provide users the most suitable answer, these chatbots ask them to ride through multiple selections. Structural chatbots are designed to answer a wide range of specific support questions that don’t require complex processing from the backend. They are also called scripted chatbots that are designed to answer specifically phrased questions.

Contextual Chatbots

Unlike structured chatbots, Contextual chatbots are developed using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These chatbots understand user inputs that it receives in the form of text or voice using Natural Language Processing. These AI powered chatbots have the capability to understand the intent of the conversation using pre-programmed or acquired knowledge. NLP codes help chat bots to learn and parse multiple inputs and scenarios to generate answers.

Deliver Immediate Response with AI Chatbots

Engage your customers 24×7 on websites, social media and messaging apps. Your one stop shop for conversation automation. Why deploying agents for answering repetitive queries or FAQs. Put AI powered intelligent chatbots to answer basic questions that your customers frequently ask.

Configure Once
Use Anywhere (Omnichannel)

Build once and deploy the chatbots across multiple communication platforms. Automate and personalize your customer conversations with chatbots on web, mobile, email, social and chat apps. Implement conversational AI chatbots on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other channels and manage from unified Cunnekt dashboard. Integrate these chatbots for voice support too. This is helpful in case a customer wants to call Customer Service or contact a human agent during conversation.

Multilingual Chatbots
on Board

Want to serve your customers in their native language? No worries. Our intelligent chatbots can serve customers in different languages. Thanks to its in-built language translation tools. Get multilingual chatbots on board that speak to users in their native tongue. Provide your customers a hyper personalized chat experience in a language they understand. They can auto detect auto-detect and switch language based on user interactions.

AI chatbot solutions

Conversational UI
for Superb Interaction

Experience the most intuitive user interface controls ever. Our chatbots are built to provide modern conversational chatbot experiences across communication channels. Chatbot’s conversational interface is designed to provide a visually appealing experience and create rapid interactions. It enhances the natural conversation flow between chatbot and users. Packed with Onboarding sequences, exit features and fallback to human agents, Conversational UI ensures that user gets most out of every interaction.

Conversational Capabilities (NLP)

Our AI powered chatbots have natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and understand the context of an ongoing conversation. They can understand the user intent behind a query in order to provide an accurate and perfect response to the question. From a simple ‘Hello’ to complex queries, our chatbots are built to handle all using Context management and Entity and Intent detection capabilities. Experience the next generation of AI bots Build natural and rich conversational experiences.

Integration for
Superior Customer Service

Integrate chatbots to your existing technology stack and business solutions. Bring in the best of human expertise and AI efficiency for powerful customer service at scale. Deliver unparalleled and personalized experience to engage, nurture and convert buyers. Enhance your customer support efficiency at scale. Free up your agents to handle other complex business challenges. Let chatbots answer both common and complex customer questions as they come.

AI chatbot solutions

Full Stack
Chatbot Solutions

From building chatbots to its omnichannel deployment, our technology experts handle it all for you. Experience some of the best bots built for optimized for performance and accuracy.Our chatbot developers build for your business bespoke chatbot solutions that are specifically designed to solve your growing business challenges. From provisioning to final deployment, we do it all. We integrate chatbots to your existing tools and solutions for a seamless experience.

Use Cases

Welcome a new breed of next gen AI chatbots. Engage and nurture your customers across communication platforms. These chatbots can be used for booking tickets, ordering food, checking the weather and more


Customer support tools help marketing agencies to generate leads through automated conversations. Engage new visitors and capture leads. Turn traffic into business.


Online sellers on ecommerce stores can use chat support tools and AI conversational chatbots t0 accelerate the level of their customer support with timely alerts on price drop, shipping and delivery.


Healthcare establishments use these conversational chatbots to schedule appointments, provide support, engage patients and provide basic reports without much human intervention.

Real Estate

Our chat support and conversational chatbots for real estate help desks agents to engage, nurture, & convert leads by sending automatic alerts and notifications on new project launches, completion and much more.


Hospitality sectors including restaurants, hotels and theme parks etc. use AI chatbots for real-time support, ticketing and qualify high potential leads.


School, colleges, institutes and universities utilize AI Chatbots to engage students, inform schedules, answer queries and help them download admission forms etc.

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