Omnichannel Customer Communication Solutions

It’s time to think beyond traditional messaging. With Cunnekt, a next generation customer communication management platform, you can think of AI, bots, and integrated apps to grow your conversational business at scale. Access our fully secure messaging infrastructure to build and optimize omnichannel conversations. Cunnekt is a fully loaded customer communication management software that helps you manage customer communications and interactions across a variety of channels and touchpoints.

Customer Help Desk

Build and manage customer conversations across digital channels viz email, WhatsApp, and Chat apps, etc. using our powerful API modules. Easy to set up, scalable and robust.

Conversational Chatbots

Take your customer engagement strategy to the next level with our AI-powered conversational chatbots. Be there for your customers 24×7 with intent-based and NLP chatbots.

Custom Integration

Our lightweight and feature-loaded Messaging APIs integrate Cunnekt with your business solutions. A wide range of Bespoke Solutions to enhance customer communication.

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Unified Customer Communication
Across Channels

Cunnekt is a unified customer communication management solution that let businesses integrate their customers into their business processes with SMS, Email, Voice, and Instant Messaging. Cunnekt offers the most comprehensive suite of communication APIs, a robust platform, and expert support. Cunnekt enables brands to analyze and manage customer interactions across all the communication channels. Utilize the platform to optimize business relationships with your customers by encouraging meaningful online engagements that drive business growth and customer retention.

Chat Support & Chatbots

Cunnekt offers fully managed and scalable WhatsApp enterprise solutions powered by WhatsApp’s official Business API. Get access to a robust WhatsApp business based

Based Customer Support Helpdesk

Raise the level of customer support. Reach out to your customers on Facebook right from the Cunnekt’s interactive FB specific dashboard.

Based Customer Support Helpdesk

Get across your target audience on the fastest growing messenger service Telegram. Start talking to your customers. Sending and receiving messages hasn’t been that easy.

Secure, Scalable SMS platform

Cunnekt’s Secure, Scalable SMS platform enables businesses to Send and receive text messages. A robust SMS infrastructure bundled with features like Intelligent Routing and Real-Time Integrations.

All in One Email Solutions

Cunnekt’s robust email marketing platform lets businesses create and deliver fast, personalized emails. An integrated platform with loads of features to help you create and send

Resolve Issues Quickly

An AI enabled live engagement solution designed for online businesses like you. It empowers businesses to connect and engage with their customers using Live Chat on their business websites.


Cunnekt lets brands optimize their customer engagement through the delivery of ultra-personalized and consistent communications delivered anytime, anywhere. Deliver your customer’s personalized conversational experiences at every possible touchpoint using email, web, social media, and mobile. This customer engagement platform is built with tools, technology, and expertise required to personalize customer engagement across all channels and deliver magnificent customer experience throughout the customer journey.

  • Automated User Journeys

    Use in-built automation flows you can automate customer journeys within seconds. Create and deploy flows in a secure environment. 

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Send personal and dynamic content recommendations to deliver hyper-personalized and relevant customer experiences.

  • AI-Powered Conversations

    Cunnekt scans through the user journey and conducts behavioral analysis to find the right notifications to be sent to the right users.

  • Messaging APIs

    Our full-featured API integrations let you create customized chat support and AI chatbots with unlimited capabilities and features.

  • Centralized Access

    Monitor and control customer journeys across multiple channels and digital assets via a single enterprise-grade platform.

  • Security and Compliance

    We employ multilayer data security using a high level of data encryption in place. All the global compliances are met as per the standards.

Unified Customer Communications Management

Cunnekt is a multi-channel and unified customer communications management software built to deliver great user experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Multiply the level of customer engagement across communication channels with the next level of automation.

  • Increase User Engagement

    Connect with your customers on their favorite communication channels. Be there to help when they need you the most.  

  • Enhance Communication

    Answer better and cover more context.  Improve interaction and reduce escalations to make customers happy.   

  • Improve Customer Loyalty

    Make your customers happy with quick problem resolution with a streamlined customer support process.