Omnichannel Customer Communication Solutions

Cunnekt is a next generation customer communication and engagement platform. It pulls all your communication channels together to help you build and optimize Omnichannel conversations across social (FB, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and more) chat apps (WhatsApp), SMS, and email. Whatever the communication channel your customer is using, engage them there right from the Cunnekt. No need to switch over the individual apps. One single platform integrates all channels. Experience the perfect mix of AI, bots, and integrated apps. Fully secure messaging infrastructure to take your customer communication to the next levels. The solution is built with features and tools to track and review past interactions and communicate with your customers seamlessly.

Customer Support Help Desk

Offer seamless customer support across multiple communication channels right from Cunnekt’s unified dashboard. No complex passwords, no app switching. Respond to customer queries and address their pain points immediately. Easy to set up, scalable and robust customer support solutions to enhance customer experiences across digital touchpoints.

Conversational Chatbots

Built and deploy smart Chatbots for offering awesome Omnichannel messaging customer experience to your customers. From development to testing and from publishing to tracking, our Chatbots solutions take care of all the hassles. Create structured or intelligent Chatbots and publish them anywhere in minutes. Experience the next level of automation. No coding skills required.

Bespoke Solutions

Integrate Cunnekt with your technology stack to create wide range of Bespoke Solutions. Empower your existing business with Omni-channel communication capabilities. With Cunnekt you can quickly build custom communication solutions in order to engage and retain customers with two-way messages via Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp & more.

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Cunnekt is a unified customer communication management solution that lets businesses integrate their customers into their business processes with SMS, Email, Voice, and Instant Messaging. Cunnekt offers the most comprehensive suite of communication APIs, a robust platform, and expert support. Cunnekt enables brands to analyze and manage customer interactions across all the communication channels. Utilize the platform to optimize business relationships with your customers by encouraging meaningful online engagements that drive business growth and customer retention.

Based Business Solutions

Cunnekt offers fully managed and scalable WhatsApp enterprise solutions powered by WhatsApp’s official Business API. Build and deploy a wide range of industry leading WhatsApp Business API based robust communication solutions.

Based Customer Support Helpdesk

A simple Cunnekt- Facebook API integration lets you reach out to your potential customers on Facebook right from the Cunnekt’s unified dashboard. Deliver delightful customer experience with every interaction.

Based Customer Support Helpdesk

Engage with your customers on the fastest growing Telegram messenger for seamless support. Initiate two-way communication, respond to their queries, broadcast messages and send alerts / notifications right from Cunnekt dashboard.

Secure Two-Way Communication

Cunnekt’s Secure, Scalable platform enables businesses to receive and reply text messages via Cunnekt’s unified dashboard. Enable a 2-way contextual dialogue with your customers via text messages. Reach out to your audience immediately.

Contextual Email Integration

Connect your email client and send emails from within Cunnekt. Get notifications every time an email is opened and read by prospects. Get detail reports about bounce rates, open rates and click rates. Get the most out of your email interactions. Never miss an email anymore.

Convert Website Visitors

Connect with your customers using Live Chat on their business websites right from Cunnekt. Engage, capture and convert your website visitors in real time. With best-in-class live chat and messaging, create a personalized customer experience.


Cunnekt is a next generation Omnichannel customer engagement solution that enables brands to optimize and deliver exceptional customer communication through the delivery of ultra-personalized and consistent two-way communications delivered across various channels viz. email, web, social media, and mobile. The platform comes packed with in-built tools, technology, and expertise required for personalizing customer engagement and delivering magnificent customer experience throughout the customer journey.

  • Support Efficiently

    Connect and engage with your customers efficiently. Speed up your chat experience for instant customer query resolution. Unified dashboard to create, manage, respond to and resolve tickets. Respond to the questions faster and get more done.

  • Personalize Communication

    Send personalized content recommendations to deliver hyper-personalized and relevant customer experiences. Deliver user-centric alerts, push notifications and message broadcast to support customers in real time.

  • Automate Tasks

    Automate customer journeys to reduce the time spent on responding to repetitive questions and performing redundant tasks. Create canned responses and predefined templates to greet new customers or reply frequently asked questions.

  • Platform Integrations

    Integrate Cunnekt to variety of platforms and software solutions to grow your business faster. Provide your customers opportunity to reach your team directly from third party business apps by driving all the communication into Cunnekt.

  • Centralize Conversations

    Pull down communication from all channels to one place. Collect data from Email, Phone, Chat, Social sites and business app at one place and respond from Cunnekt’s unified dashboard.

  • Gain Insights

    Monitor, analyze and report the performance of your chats and agents in real time. Evaluate the amount of message requests, chat statistics and conversation history. Access quantifiable chat and agent performance reports.

Unified Customer Communications Management

Cunnekt is a multi-channel and unified customer communications management software built to deliver great user experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Multiply the level of customer engagement across communication channels with the next level of automation.

  • Improve Engagement

    Unified communication massively enhances the level of audience engagement as it cuts response delays and other communication barriers at scale. Instant and personalized communication builds trust.

  • Increase Revenue

    Engaged customers more likely to check out new products. Omnichannel communication effectively engages customers and increases revenue by delivering right communication to the right people at the right time.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Omnichannel engagement serves most delightful customer experience as it gives customers the choice to select a preferred communication channel to contact them. It results in a better customer relationship and steady increase in business growth.