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With 900 million active users, WhatsApp has revolutionized traditional messaging that previously was limited to text messages only. With plenty of innovative features and abilities, this cross-platform messaging app has made messaging and content sharing easier and quick. Regardless of the mobile platform (Android, iOs, Blackberry) is on use, WhatsApp offers incredible messaging experience everywhere.

Broadcast Your Offers Using WhatsApp:

The limitless messaging opportunities that WhatsApp offers has led marketers rethink their audience engagement strategies and customer outreach process. Using WhasApp, they are now able to tap their target audience and communicate with them using media rich message formats. If you are still lagging at tapping the full potential of WhatsApp for message broadcast, Cunnekt will help you


Considering Mobile Marketing? Consider Cunnekt

Looking for ways to contact your customers on mobile? Register for Cunnekt’s WhatsApp marketing services today. We have leveraged features of WhatsApp and accommodated them at one place to develop a solution that efficiently helps to create connect between marketers and their audience. Cunnekt’s WhatsApp for Business solution offers direct benefits to marketers :

Support For Multiple Media Formats:

With WhatsApp, you need not to worry about limited text length or incompatible media files. Conceive your business message persuasively using all major message formats available. Our WhatsApp dashboard supports following media formats:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • vCards
  • PDF
  • GIF

Instant Message Delivery Notifications:

Once sent, you can easily track whether or not broadcast has delivered to the list, and if delivered who are the recipients who have received the message and who hasn’t yet got it. WhatsApp’s blue tick feature sums it up all. A single tick means message is now on server; two ticks indicate delivery of the message to the recipient and blue tick is the read receipt.

No DND Barricades, Send To Every Network:

What if most of your customers have opted for DND directory? When you choose WhatsApp, you needn’t to bother about barriers. You can send your business communication to DND numbers as well. Communicate to your audience anywhere anytime.

Create Maximum Audience Outreach With Cunnekt’s WhatsApp Dashboard:

If you have recently unveiled a service or product and want to share the news with your target audience, WhatsApp’s Broadcast List feature will make it possible. Using the broadcast, you save multiple lists of message recipients whom you can send message broadcasts to selecting individual users every time. Just load the broadcast list, and you’re all set to broadcast messages to your target audience within the span of few minutes. Connecting to your customers had never been easier than this.

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